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John P. Hofer

Our experience with Marv Van Houten on Real Estate dealings:

In 2017-2018, Springwater Colony worked on purchasing the pivot farm in Forsyth. Upon delving into it, we ran into quite some obstacles. Marv Van Houten, the realtor, showed us the place thoroughly. He was very well informed about the layout of the land and also the farming practices. To add onto this, he told of numerous previous experiences that might be helpful to us going forward.

We talked about this numerous times. It was also mentioned that if Marv wouldn’t have supported us to his clients the way he did, in an open and honest manner, we would have never gained access to the farm.

The experience we have or I have gained from this is that it seems like it’s getting more complicated to buy land as time goes on.

Marv Van Houten was very instrumental to help us buy this, in his honest efforts.

I personally have talked to other people and recommended Marv Van Houten as their realtor.

Thank God for honest people.

John P. Hofer

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Marv is Honest - he will not lie to you. If he doesn’t know the answer he will get it to you.

- Chod B.
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Marv is a known quantity and gives you the honest truth, and I can work with that. He doesn’t stop turning rocks over until he finds the deal.

- Chod B.
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Marv is in constant contact and answers his phone when you call. That’s worth a lot and what I wasn’t getting from other agents.

- Chod B.
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All-in-all Marv has treated us nothing but good and fair. Marv puts some ethics back into the real estate dealings. I hope to have the opportunity to do more business with him.

- Dave H.

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