Accounting and Tax

Accounting and Tax Services to ensure that your financial interests are managed well before, during and after the sale or purchase of a farm or ranch.

Seller Services

We offer Sellers the consulting and advertising services they need to sell their property at the right time, the right price, and with the right strategy.

Buyer Services

We provide Buyers with consulting, investment strategy, and representation services to navigate finding, negotiating, and purchasing their farm or ranch property.

Farm and Ranch Leasing

We offer consulting services to connect you with our network of farmers, ranchers and investors to either help you negotiate a lease of your property, or find a farm or ranch to lease.


Do you need a team of experts to come together over your farm or ranch investment? We offer investment, management, finance, and farm operations consulting services to apply to your unique situation.

Trust Management

We offer services in farm and ranch management, farm and ranch leasing, property accounting, fund accounting and administration, and valuation to help you manage your real estate trust properties.


Accounting and Tax

We know that the success of any operation ranges from high-level decisions down to the day-to-day granular detail level. Our team has extensive experience in both owning and operating farms and managing finances and accounting. We know what it takes to get your financial situation in order to help you get your farm or ranch ready to sell. We also know how to build out the supporting accounting systems that will help you manage your farm or ranch successfully. Here’s the bottom line – we are committed to your success and we have the services you need to realize the potential of your investment.



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Seller Services

Understanding your Situation – we desire not simply to sell your property, but to do so at the right time, at the right price, and with the right strategy in place for your next investment.

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  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

Do you have a property ready to sell?

Buyer Services

Buyer Wish-Book – we want to understand what you want and require in your farm or ranch investment. If you need help narrowing this down or are open to various options, we can walk through this process to narrow down the available options.

Matching you with the right Farm or Ranch to fit your needs and desires. We have a variety farms and ranches between our listings and our non-disclosure properties, but we can also extend this search for any listed properties in the states we service, or even beyond. Not to mention our extensive network can open opportunities not available through normal listing channels.

Initial Call to Closing Representation – we will walk with you each step of the way. Not only this, but we will continue to partner with you as the needs arise to assist you to be successful on your new farm or ranch operation.

Appraisals & Valuations – we can help assure you get a solid valuation on any property you may be interested in, but our staff also has the farm and ranch experience to know an opportunity buy or to avoid potential bad investments.

Are you ready to find your dream property?

Farm and Ranch Leasing

We have a wide network throughout the Midwest of farmers, ranchers, farm and ranch managers and investors to draw upon to help you negotiate a lease of your property or find a farm or ranch to lease.

If you are an investor who is looking for someone to lease your property, you will want to find a reputable farmer or rancher to maximize the value and potential of your property. We have the experience to screen out potential candidates from our network or yours for your property, and can help you negotiate and manage a successful lease.

If you are a farmer or rancher and are looking for a property to lease, we have a network of investors and property owners to help you find the right operation and to develop the right strategies for successful operations. Let us help you find and negotiate the lease you need to be successful with your new operation. You may also be in the position where you need to sell your farm or ranch operation and lease it back from the investor - we have experience negotiating these deals and finding the right buyers for your property and negotiating a lease for you to remain on the property.

We can help you find land or lease your land.


Farm & Ranch Management – Not only do we have experience within our team here at American Land Brokers, but we also have a number of consulting partners with vast experience in farm and ranch management to help our clients develop effective and profitable farm and ranch management strategies and recruit quality personnel into management positions.

Investment Strategies – We understand not only how to invest in valuable properties, but we also provide investment consulting with regard to timing, tax strategies, investment management, and investment vehicles.

We are eager to work with you to achieve your goals.

Trust Management

Are you looking for management of your real estate trust properties? We offer services in farm and ranch management, farm and ranch leasing, property accounting, fund accounting and administration, and valuation. We bring the breadth of our integrated knowledge and experience into the successful management of your investments.

Find out if trust management services are right for you.


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